Tan Chong-yi’s speech is silent, and Wang Ruo-xu blinks, not knowing what to think.

Yingtan is a small city with a population of more than one million. The economy is not very high. There are only two districts and one county plus one county-level city. However, with the Longhu Mountain, it has become a well-known tourist city in the country.

Longhu Mountain is 20 kilometers south of the city. It counts from the formal settlement of the fourth generation of Sun Zhangsheng in Zhang Daoling. It has been inherited from the 65th generation to the present, and it has gone through more than two thousand years.

Although it is not the leader of the world, it is not the same as Quanzhen, but it has received numerous rewards throughout the dynasties. In its heyday, there were more than ten road palaces, eighty-one Taoist temples, fifties Daoyuan, and ten highways. It was like a small kingdom and was known as Dadu.

However, Sang Hai Chang Chang, most of the Guan Gong has long been dethroned, and more well-preserved, only Tianshi House.

There are actually two holy sites on Longhu Mountain, Shangqing Palace on the hill, and Tianshi House on the hill. Shangqing Palace is a regular school and can host some large-scale legal meetings and activities. Tianshi Mansion is only a part of Tianshi Road and it is a place where people can live and take care of themselves.

In the morning, the station.

Ten hours later, Lawrence Chong did not feel tired. He did not come here for the first time, but after many years, watching the changes in the city, high-rise buildings, can not help but feel angry.

The style of painting here is very different. The citizen’s acceptance of the family is very high and there is no fuss. At a place in front of the station, several priests are waiting.

One of them was wearing glasses. The middle-aged priest who was looking at Sven came to the party and took one of the first rites. He asked, “But what is it like?”

“It is.”

“The younger generation is Hao Hongqing, the official adviser of Tianshi. We have prepared a car. Please wait on the train.” The other party introduced himself.

All priests have the name of Dao, which is the name given to the disciple by Master according to the lineage inheritance. Generally retain the original surname, the middle of the word, must be inherited words.

This Hao Hongqing is naturally a disciple of the Hong generation.

“You are still waiting for someone else?”

Tan Chongzhen followed him to the other side and asked him casually.

“There is also a practice of Wang Lao of the Xihe faction, which is similar to your arrival time,” explained the other person.

“Oh, it turned out to be the king.”

Tan Chongyi nodded and took the car himself. This car is an ordinary commercial vehicle, seven-seater, and very spacious. He waited for a moment, then saw the door open, and a fat priest who rolled round his belly was found.

As early as possible, he was recruited by the Special Bureau. This time, he followed the scene. It was nothing more than a scene dip and a look at the attitudes of various schools and schools. So when he saw Tan Chong-fu, he deliberately tried to get close and smiled. “Oh, you know, you know, old Buddhist name, I’m glad to meet you!”

“It’s polite. I’m the eponymous name.”

The old master smiled and arched his hand. This is true, and Wang Feizi gave people a glimpse of feng shui in Quzhou. When the fat man got on the bus, he lay beside him. He also brought two disciples and naturally flashed back in the back row.

And he whispered that the other person was alone and wanted to ask: “You haven’t brought a disciple when you were old.”

“I’m the only one who has fallen away. There is only one old man left.” Tan Chonghao shook his head.

“You don’t be pessimistic. It’s nothing. It will certainly come in the future.”

“Oh, lend you good words.”

As he spoke, he heard a groan outside. The couple opened the window and saw six or seven priests rushing in from the station. There was one in the middle. This person also knows, Xishan Wanshou Palace host, Zhang Miaoxian.

This person’s history is rather hard, he was a direct descendant of the Tianshifu, the result was internal dumping, the top and the wrong team, was beaten to host the Longevity Palace. The Longevity Palace is the ancestral home of the Jing Ming faction. The Net Ming faction is the right branch. This is even exile.

The current Zhang Tianshi, called Zhang Jintong, is the grandson of the last generation of the Heavenly Master. His surname was not Zhang, but later changed.

It should be noted that the inheritance of Tianshifu has always been the family and the family, and Zhang Jintong belongs to the foreigner. He can take over the division of Tianshi. It also shows the government’s control of the Daomen and its existence as a crusher.

Of course, Zhang Miaoxian’s strength is not to be underestimated. He once served as deputy chairman of the Taoist Association and has a very wide network of contacts.

When he comes over, the momentum is pressing and Hao Hongqing is paralyzed in his heart, but he has to be well received. He took a car alone, a disciple and a car. The two cars started off in advance and went away.


Tan Chong-yi’s speech is silent, and Wang Ruo-xu blinks, not knowing what to think.

Nanjing night net shook his head, “is because of bad mood.”

In the office on the second floor of the IKEA headquarters, in order to avoid embarrassing or cold games, Kou is also present.

The reporter prepared the recording equipment, opened the notebook, picked up the pen and motioned:

“Then we started.”


The journalist put down the recording button. “Dr Jiang always mind to talk about yourself first? It is like this, about your opponent, Huang Huang, who is beautiful, he actually had a certain popularity before, and after this time it was a lot of people. All know his extraordinary experience, and you … 21 years old … If you do not privately check your relevant information, we know that, in fact, very few, you have always been a layer of mystery.”

Gentle and delicate opening, full of pave…

“I thought about it.”


“I don’t mind.” Nanjing Nightcome paused. “Don’t want to talk about this? You shouldn’t need it. Today we just talk about the market competition between IKEA and Gome.”

“…” Is your uncle’s chief editor?

Take a deep breath and the songwriter smiled. “Well, that’s better. It’s better than Jiang. Do you have to tell us about the ‘Deep-town Dinner’? Can you go to the party alone and turn the storm away? Because the scene feels pretty legendary. Just vaguely, many people have already been interested in it, but the specific situation has always been avoided by Huang Zong. We and the readers do not understand it.”

“It was too long in the past. I almost forgot about it,” said Nanjing Night Net. “Again, Huang Zong’s face is still worth it.”

“…” Take a deep breath and breathe deeply. The reporter wanted to throw the pen in his hand like a flying knife…

She glanced at her and looked for help.

He smiled bitterly and nodded.

“Little Che, you’re a bit awkward.”


The journalist voted for a grateful look and turned back. “So, Jiang Zong. Can you talk about this just now? Probably only.”

“Still the next question,” said Nanjing Night Net: “I must cooperate.”

The songwriter broke the jar and shattered: “Okay, how do you always think about Huang Jiang?”

“Huang is always a very good businessman and predecessor, and few people can come up with business talent. In fact, I personally always believed that he himself may be one of the most remembered names in this era…”

The reporter’s face does not move, and he sighs inside. “Oh, a bunch of polite words and nonsense.”

“But it’s a pity.” Nanjing Nightcome paused. Then he said, “I hope this will be a story of a comeback. I also believe that with Huang’s willpower and ability, he will surely stand up again.”

Ok? what is this?

In 1994, there were not many people who spoke like this. The journalist made two rounds in his mind and finally felt it – it was the smell of gunpowder.

Finally came, this was a commercial warfare. This was called an interview. She looked excited and sat upright.

“So, what do you mean by Jiang always is that Huang always loses this time?”

As a good old reporter, the response and professional characteristics of the song reporter awakened all at this moment. When she tried to provoke Nanjing Night Net, she headed for a stronger, more provocative, and more gunpowder-like direction.

Nanjing Night Network did not directly answer this sentence, but said: “He has played our IKEA for more than two months.”

“Ah, so, Jiang always feels that Huang’s approach …” Qu reporters left blank questions.

At the same time, the nib on the hand was a little impatient. She was waiting for an explosive word.

“No problem.” But Nanjing Night Net said there is no problem, and then said: “Commercial competition, as long as reasonable and legal, there is no problem, Huang always want to use capital advantages to suppress IKEA, this is his freedom and power, so as long as it is Actually, it is positive and positive, and IKEA will follow it, even if it loses, it will be convinced.”

A very beautiful paragraph, if it is an ordinary journalist, it will also record, and then change the problem … but the perspective of the song reporter.

“So, what does Jiang mean, is he warning Huang not to try to use anything?”

As for what is on the plate, black and white, honestly, everyone has a few.

“You can write like this, or be gentle. You say IKEA, I, hit today, as long as it’s real gold and silver and clean home appliances come out and give me a fight, I’m in the service. But if someone wins, Possibility, in the trend of shamelessness, to what to mess with me, remember, this is an event that has attracted widespread attention, a big event, and is a big event in a large industry, he dared to come here… I dare to fight it out , let him be destroyed.”

There are too many things that can’t be included in the word.

Did he just say mild? Which is gentle?

There are stars in the girl’s eyes.

The reporter’s writing is very excited.

“My personal feeling, Jiang always seems to be very confident?” After the record was completed, she continued to ask.

“I just said that he has been playing IKEA for more than two months. As far back as in Shenzhen, I had already said in front of many people… Since I came, if you can’t kill me, I must be careful to be killed. .”

The last sentence of Nanjing Night Net was very calm.

However, songwriters wrote texts that were not calm at all.

“So now is IKEA finally fighting back?”

“Commercial competition is reasonable and there is no stipulation that IKEA can’t fight back. I remember when you first wrote in the magazine, saying that Huang always had confidence, and eight cities with Kai, to IKEA to close the store within two months of Linzhou, and no one felt wrong. … It’s been more than two months now, and IKEA still said that he hadn’t been afraid of him because he didn’t have much money. Well, for me to speak now, it should only be reciprocal…”

The reporter’s tip was on paper and his eyes were on Nanjing Night Net’s face, urgent and earnest.

“Beginning now, as long as IKEA is still there, there is still a dime … I’m going to hit him in Linzhou. I don’t dare to open a new store in another city where IKEA is located.”

The tip of the pen rustles on the paper sheet, and the reporters are used to concise shorthand, but this time the record is complete.

Such a press release is unlikely to appear in the official media. It is too discordant, but it is simply appropriate for other popular, popular, and storytelling publications.

In an era where there is no universal network, people most of the time do not see the goals of the entrepreneurs clearly deciding between each other. This time, Huang Guangyi had already done a model before, and now IKEA Marshal did not let it.

After writing a little calm, the reporter calmed down and smiled:

“Jiang’s attitude is, I think, very clear. Please rest assured that I will pay attention to proper wording.” She said in a state of closeness to her own people: “But according to my understanding of tracking this incident, it seems that Experts and people generally believe that in fact, as long as IKEA is undefeated, it is equal to winning.”

“On the one hand, it will be difficult to see Huang Huanghe.”

“On the other hand, the momentum and potential that IKEA has demonstrated in the past two years can be seen by everyone. If we give IKEA sufficient time for development, we will fight another day… The vast majority of people are more optimistic about IKEA.”

In fact, this paragraph also involves a little, saying that IKEA leaders need to grow … but the song reporter believes that this article can now be used.

On the other side, Nanjing Night Net nodded. “I agree.”

“That is to say, in the whole process, if Gome chooses to stop the war, you and Ikea are actually acceptable?”

“Yes, really acceptable.”


“But now, we do not accept it,” said Nanjing Night Network.

“Eh?” was the same, gentle, gentle, and suddenly strong, and the reporter yelled. “Because IKEA has started to fight back, and Jiang always thinks you will win?”

Nanjing night net shook his head, “is because of bad mood.”

The young man tried to hold back, and the drink splashed from the closed lips.

“Our certificate is a serial number 4. I have fewer lines, but I pay the most money once. I still remember that I was already over 43,000 at the time. That’s it. I got the code, paid the money, got the certificate, I also took a picture.”

The old man stared at the young man in front of him and threatened to say, “If you dare to laugh, you will give me a roll.”

The young man tried to hold back, and the drink splashed from the closed lips.

“Now I look back, probably this is also a virtue, it’s a disaster, or else I’m not sure that I’m done now.” The old man froze and laughed and said, “So, ah, you imagined a sword, no, not at all. ,Now you know?”


Finally, the young man did not hold back and sprayed a table of drinks.

The old man looked at him with a helpless smile, and said he couldn’t really give it away.

“and after?”

“What happened afterwards, four people, first rushed and then went to the northwest, and then it took a long time, grinding and grinding gradually scattered. Wait until some of us, like me, think that things are false, want to go Looking for someone… The result is already a full-fledged Wang Wei waiting for us. What can we do?”

“What about those brethren?”

“They… some stayed there, some went back to work, and Wang Wei worked as a courier. Some came back and went out and mixed. Later, they disappeared, and some did not know where to go. what……”

The old man seemed to be drunk, squatted on the table, and began to wander.

“What about your wife?”

“Wife? Oh, you said Lulu, she’s gone. People are following me. I’m desolate. She’s gone… more than usual.” The old man said lightly.

“What about your daughter, Qing Qing?”

“She…” was finally interesting and sad. The old man said, “She was run away.”

“Well, won’t she come back to see you?”

“Come on, come once a year, but I won’t see you.”

“Oh. Why? You don’t want her?”

The old man raised his head and looked empty for a moment.

“Who said I didn’t want her.”

He got up in a messy way, went to the small room, took out a stack of newspapers and threw it on the table.

The young man took it with a puzzle and glanced at it…

The headline, “Touching China’s People of the Year, Desert Guards… More than a decade of planting trees and reclaiming deserts and changing oasis”.

Under the headline of the article there is a large photo. A group of people bowed their heads and wore straw hats and stood in front of a dense and neat forest. In the distant place behind them, there were yellow sand and rolling sand dunes…

“This is green, she is strong.” The old man pointed him and said: “This bald, Hong Kong Aberdeen … This is Hong Kong Aberdeen. This is the third oldest bamboo … His wife and children later passed.”


“Deadly, these are the rest of those who don’t look back and believe in the satellite base project.” The old man said helplessly: “The Taklama can’t go in. They don’t have a fly and they begin to build a forest from outside. With the creation, the reporter went to report that the government state gave subsidies, gave great honor, and people donated to them every year. Until now, I don’t know if they still believe it or they’re stuck.

“Oh, but how do I feel like it’s their success?”

The young man pressed the newspaper on the table while he was talking. His eyes were full of envy.

The old man froze and for a moment he did not speak.

“Is it?”



“Oh, Choo, would you like to go and see it? I will accompany you.”

The old man did not speak, did not promise, did not refuse.

The young people waited for a while before they had to change the subject and think about it slowly. The other day, I would like to ask something. You said that this is not what Wang Wei did. It is another person. Who is it? Ah? Have you seen him?”

“No… there are also.” The old man thought for a moment and looked up and said: “Finally, I brought three or five people back to the deep city and wanted to find Wang Wei’s trouble. She was encircled. Did not come out … he sat in the car and said something, let them go.”

“Didn’t see?”

“…That’s right, I didn’t see it.”

No one doubted again.

“I know these bosses. What do you say? I don’t know whether you can understand comrades.”

Sitting in front of the Hope Project Shenzhen office staff, Nanjing Night Net smiled crampedly.

“You talk about it first.”

Nanjing Night Nodding nodded and explained: “First of all, they themselves are suffering and they are really interested in doing charity and want to help the children. However, it is very contradictory. Do you know? On the one hand, do not want to look too high, Fear of others saying that they show up, take public interest in their reputations, and they are afraid of being watched by people; on the other hand, if you don’t know how to do good things if you don’t name them, you’ll feel a bit of a loss. …”

Hearing this, the staff sitting across the street smiled mildly and said: “We understand that this kind of situation that you are saying is the most common kind of mentality. Given the large amount of your donations, what are the needs? We can cooperate as much as possible.”

“Thank you, thank you, Comrade.”

Nanjing Night Net finished with a piece of paper on the table.

Workers took a look and said: “To be certified, right?”

“Yes, but you see, comrades, can you use this number on the basis of the original, add these numbers, and then add the words ‘hope, future, desert to oasis’.”

The staff thought and thought that these things were completely free of problems, they were in line with the theme, and they simply agreed. “OK, let’s get it out today.”

“Thank you.” Nanjing Nightsnet got up and said: “Then when it is too late, give the bosses certificates and leave a shadow in the window.”

“Okay, you are very kind. I thank you for the children.” The staff got up and sent Nanjing Night.

Here, Nanjing Night Net just left and made a phone call.

On the other side, Dog Hai gave a serious gesture to the national staff to get off and told Mao Mao and others.

“Those who collect money at a level above and outside, honestly say that there are suspicions of fraud… This is a national project. I hope that you can understand that we cannot handle these funds. We do not have such power. To pay the money, it must be given directly to the country. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, but then, how do we pay?”

“The country naturally has special channels for everyone.” The sea of ​​dogs gathers in their ears and simply explains the window of payment, the procedures, and the proof they can get.

A silent sound of exclamation, this channel is really cleverly set up, which neither wastes manpower or material resources, but also ensures the privacy of the project.

The simple distinction on the certificate, the concept is completely different.

Since money is handed directly to the national opportunity, there is a certificate and you need to take pictures to keep the files…

No one doubted again.

Misfortune? Nanjing Night Net thought for a moment and suddenly had an idea.

When Dog Hai was looking for a weekend, Nanjing Night Net was escorting Nanjing Sauna to the factory he just bought.

The contiguous houses are old and the wires are aging… To do renovations, it’s a lot of money.

However, this money, Nanjing Night Net feels very good value.

Some workers who were suddenly dismissed were screaming because they could not be reconciled. Looking at the young face filled with the flavor of the era, although they are angry, Nanjing Night Net looks at the inner pleasure. Wrath is not a kind of dynamism.

“In this way, everyone listened to me first and said that when my factory’s preparatory work is completed, the same thing is to hire workers. I will give priority to everyone when we come. Well, go back first.”

The Nanjing Sauna talks to the workers across the iron gate.

“What about our severance pay? Give money.”

“Yes, give money, give money…”

“If you have to pay severance, then it really makes no sense to ask me.” The Nanjing Sauna calmly said with a smile: “Oh then, your old port city boss and director, they should now still live in Longhe International Hotel. Let’s go.”


“It’s not, hurry up. It’s too late to get stuck. They now have money in their hands.”

The crowd only froze, flew and turned away.

“Quick, rush.”

Against the backdrop of those mad rushes, the Nanjing Sauna took a fist and helped put oil on it. Then he turned back and stretched, easily asking: “How is the dog’s sea? How is it?”

Relatively speaking, he still feels that Nanjing Night Net has much more fun.

“There are screaming over there to make money.” Dog Hai looked at the Nanjing Sauna and turned back to Nanjing Night Network and said: “How does Che Che, how can I do this? It has been pushed several times, and then I can’t justify it.”

Other people’s MLM ways to try to make down the line to pay, Nanjing Night Network is not the same, he does not need, do not want to touch this money. However, as the dog said, the inside of the Feiyong gang silently divided its four lines in the dark: Ming Mao, Zhuge, Xie, Feiyong…

This group of gangs are now rushing to “donate” for the satellite base project, fearing that they will be left behind.

The more the Nanjing Night Net here pushes forward, the more they believe that the project is true… because if it is a liar, the money is in sight, but can it be pushed out again and again?

“Isn’t the project funds going to be full, so I want to go back and not accept us?” They actually still worry about this.

As Dog Hai said, push it again and things will not be completed.

“Take it, walk, dog sea, I’ll collect it with you.” The Nanjing sauna looked at the factory that he had just bought. He said: “What a damn thing is it?” fiscal.”

Misfortune? Nanjing Night Net thought for a moment and suddenly had an idea.

The old man looked at him and said slowly: “I donated… I said that I donated hope project. I believe you?”

A fat old man who had been serving food stalls for several years in a remote alley in a small county drank a drink. He said that when he was awkward, he once drove the unobstructed Wang Wei to a point where there was no way to go.

The young man across the table looked up at the sky in the distance. He felt that something was too unbelievable…

Did you have many such stories in that era?

But think about it, he felt that this should not be bragging. Because a bragging person does not tell the stories behind.

Young people have heard many stories about the era of “underworld” in that era. For example, who and who later died in a famous clash, a bunch of people were scattered, who was replaced by others, who was disabled and who was caught. Did you go to Guan, eat peanuts, or haven’t come out yet…

In the stories about the ending of the “black gang”, there was never a story, a community, it was like this – that is, suddenly one day, you had a brother who had scolded you with a knife and wanted to be with you, love each other, and love them. They Become active and inspirational, full of ideals and goals, they also want to pull you, you do not let pull will not work.

“So to say, the youngest of the three bamboos, and the two quails, they are actually not twenty-five?”

Young people helped old people who were already intoxicated.

“It depends on how it works. I later thought that they were for some time. But then, isn’t it that all my brothers are twenty-five?” The old man seemed to ask, asking himself, saying: “And my daughter, There was a woman of my time.”

“I said that they are really good-hearted and kind, except for a few hearts. You don’t want to laugh.” The old man grinned at his mouth and shook his head to laugh first.

“That is to say, you’re really so fast, you’re the youngest and the bald they’re talking about?”

“I… I can’t just do that, I’m still a bit of a fix.” The old man looked at him and said, “But I couldn’t stand them and then pulled my woman and my daughter into the water. It’s the softest man’s ears that are the easiest. No matter if you are evil or evil, white or black, you will know later.”


“and also……”


“It’s useless.” The old man ordered a five-dollar cigarette. He took a sip and spit on the side of the fog. He said, “If you don’t get back, I just thought I’d be hard pressed down when I arrived. No matter what, To find Wang Wei’s talents, he took them out and thought maybe we could all recover. But when I stood up and looked at bamboo, I wasn’t allowed to talk about the satellite base…though not People stood directly opposite me, but where their eyes were, I could see clearly. At that time, I knew that people were distracted…”

“That’s your friend?”

“I just thought, let them finish first, I listen, then find the loopholes and convince them…”

“The result…” The young man asked to ask, saying half the result, shut up, and said: “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

As a result of what kind of results, in fact, it is already obvious.

“What is it like, when ancient times when thieves should be swift, they actually look forward to the recruitment of amnesty, the wealthy and powerful Hu Wei to the end, but also want to donate a bureaucrat to do … … I am also a poor opinion, not shameful, not shameful .”

The old man excuse himself for a sentence, then tell that story, what happened in those days.

The young man listened, suddenly patted the table, “MLM, Yongbo, this is MLM … You can tell him, ah, alarm. Barefooted, afraid to wear shoes, to accuse them of … At least get a Money.”

The old man’s eyes looked at him lightly. “At that time, this is not yet a crime. And even if it breaks the law, stigmatizes the people, the money is not confiscated, the two did not sell products, and the three did not cheat outsiders. What do I tell you? In fact, this is an intrigue in the rivers and lakes, but people can only play it.”

He paused, and he said: “Is it easy to understand? In the rivers and lakes of the year, there were still real people … my mother, my brothers more than 200.”

He finished filling himself with a glass of wine and slammed into a cough.

“No money, no products…” The young man bowed himself for a moment, and seemed to be unable to figure it out. Carefully asked, “Since I haven’t collected the money, you’re the hero… You’re not very rich in that year. How come later? Now… your money…”

He looked up and glanced at the food stall that had been around for several years.

The old man looked at him and said slowly: “I donated… I said that I donated hope project. I believe you?”

All the people in the room are paralyzed. What does this mean?

At the end of 1993, after Fei Yong went to Shenzhen, he settled in another more upscale hotel.

Because of the cautiousness of Jianghu people, they did not inform their brothers in advance to pick them up. Instead, they settled here and brought them to the small hotel where the younger brothers lived. They wanted to see the situation first.

Near the downstairs, he accidentally heard the song…

“A good man will come up with a good name.

Good men will do a good job,

A good man would be worthy of his wife and mother.


Fei Yong thought for a moment and said: “Probably wrong.”

Then they took another lap and they still couldn’t find their younger brothers. Feiyong had to call the youngest brother directly and let him come and lead the way.

the other side.

Bamboo put down the phone and looked at the downstairs who were full of nervous expressions in the room and gave a hand to indicate it. “Stay here. Yongge is here. What’s so flustering. Follow him like that and give him a good reception. Slow.” Slow communication is not enough?”

All the people in the room are paralyzed. What does this mean?

In the streets of Shenzhen, the bloody battles, they guessed that it should be…

In the streets of Shenzhen, the bloody battles, they guessed that it should be…

“What happened after that? What happened later?” Some people couldn’t wait to ask.

“It wasn’t clear later. Some people said that he was very fierce after getting there. Later, because they were so outshine, they were jointly dealt by the land snakes. Two hundred people were against thousands of people. They fought for more than a month, lost and died. His younger brother was a rebel boy, and Fei Yong took his wife and his daughter had just taken to the deep city, and he was led to pull him down to the sea. Others said that Fei Yong’s mistake had been mixed up in the two Hong Kong cities. The guy who doesn’t go over and trust, that’s actually undercover. There are people who say…”

There are many legendary endings. There are tragic and solemn feelings. There is a pity… There is only one thing that is consistent. It was Fei Yong’s feat of the year. After all, he did not get a good result and lost his life.

About the rivers and lakes of the year, the man named Fei Yong talked for a long time.

The distractions were already more than two in the morning. Juvenile buffs were almost drunk. They got up and threw their clothes behind their shoulders, touched a pocket and shouted: “The boss, how much money?”

Only this table had long been left, and he had been busy not far away. The owner of the skewer racks was now coming to walk and rubbing his hands with aprons while walking.

It was a shaved, gray-haired, fat old man. He calculated the account, and the old man said with a smile: “The 237th, wipe it, give it 230.”


The teenager responded by looking at it all at once and it was so late that there was no one else around. He turned back and put a hundred dollars on the table, looked up and said: “My buddies didn’t bring enough money today, and the rest will be given back to you…”

After a pause, he looked at the fat boss with a provocative gaze and asked: “Old man, no problem?”

The other small fry also followed a few steps forward.

“…no problem.” The old man smiled, took the money, closed the table, and never said anything more.

The punks felt shuddering, chattering loudly, and they were complacent.

The young man who was responsible for roasting fish in the stall did not quietly put down the iron guy in his hand. He walked over and helped him with his hands. “Yeah, isn’t it okay?”

“Nothing.” The old man shook his head and smiled and said: “But now the little fry, ah, really more and more like no more, and mixed into two hundred dollars are looking down, run to see the old man in front of the stalls Deterrence. Imagine that year, hee hee…”

“When I was…right, what did you do when you were there?”

Young people have been curious for a long time and have never been given an answer. Now it’s hard to catch up with the opportunity. It’s always eager to ask questions.

The old man looked up and looked at the distance. He opened his mouth and closed it. He smiled and waved his hand and said, “I don’t mention it…it’s too shameful to say it.”

“No, ah, 200 to a few thousand, or because there are anti-bone, if you lose, you won’t be degraded.” The young man said anxiously.

With regard to many conjectures about the fate of the fate story, young people can easily drop one of them because at least he is certain that Fei Yong has not been sunk. As for the rest, what he was more willing to believe in his heart was, of course, the story of being outnumbered and defeated.

“Playing XX…” The old man suddenly got a little excited, swearing at his dirty words, and after he settled down, he took the initiative to change the subject and said: “Don’t inquire and explain to you those new iron plates. Do you remember buying it? ”

“Yeah, buy it, buy it online.” The young man replied: “It’s good to send it in two days.”

“…” The old man carried a plate of iron in one hand. The waffle was just the cold and chopsticks that had just been picked up. His hands were shaking and the dishes were banging.

He lifted another finger and pointed at the young man. The old man bit his teeth, and he did not have the nerve to say: “If you use the wind again, you, you will give me the roll.”

The young man was paralyzed and followed his eyes and he was a little excited. He was always close to the old man. Not only was he not afraid, but he chased him with a cheeky grin. “What’s going on with the wind? Isn’t it done with Wang Wei? He can now…”

“Wang Wei counts as farts.” The old man took a sip and then looked a bit shocked and slowly said: “If it wasn’t for the other bastard, now, maybe it’s not good enough.”

“There is no downwind…the other one, who?”

“…want to hear?” The old man thought for a moment and said, “Look, go and get a fish, and then move a box of wine. I’ll wash the bowl and come over to you for a while.”

At three o’clock in the morning, the open-air food stall opened only a lamp, surrounded by a dark, breezy, charcoal grill on the table, braved the heat, the glass was empty and full, full and empty…

The eyes of young people are incredible.

The old man said indifferently, “At that time, I went to the deep city… They were there…”

“what are you doing?”

“…take a lap, hand in hand, sing.”