In the streets of Shenzhen, the bloody battles, they guessed that it should be…

In the streets of Shenzhen, the bloody battles, they guessed that it should be…

“What happened after that? What happened later?” Some people couldn’t wait to ask.

“It wasn’t clear later. Some people said that he was very fierce after getting there. Later, because they were so outshine, they were jointly dealt by the land snakes. Two hundred people were against thousands of people. They fought for more than a month, lost and died. His younger brother was a rebel boy, and Fei Yong took his wife and his daughter had just taken to the deep city, and he was led to pull him down to the sea. Others said that Fei Yong’s mistake had been mixed up in the two Hong Kong cities. The guy who doesn’t go over and trust, that’s actually undercover. There are people who say…”

There are many legendary endings. There are tragic and solemn feelings. There is a pity… There is only one thing that is consistent. It was Fei Yong’s feat of the year. After all, he did not get a good result and lost his life.

About the rivers and lakes of the year, the man named Fei Yong talked for a long time.

The distractions were already more than two in the morning. Juvenile buffs were almost drunk. They got up and threw their clothes behind their shoulders, touched a pocket and shouted: “The boss, how much money?”

Only this table had long been left, and he had been busy not far away. The owner of the skewer racks was now coming to walk and rubbing his hands with aprons while walking.

It was a shaved, gray-haired, fat old man. He calculated the account, and the old man said with a smile: “The 237th, wipe it, give it 230.”


The teenager responded by looking at it all at once and it was so late that there was no one else around. He turned back and put a hundred dollars on the table, looked up and said: “My buddies didn’t bring enough money today, and the rest will be given back to you…”

After a pause, he looked at the fat boss with a provocative gaze and asked: “Old man, no problem?”

The other small fry also followed a few steps forward.

“…no problem.” The old man smiled, took the money, closed the table, and never said anything more.

The punks felt shuddering, chattering loudly, and they were complacent.

The young man who was responsible for roasting fish in the stall did not quietly put down the iron guy in his hand. He walked over and helped him with his hands. “Yeah, isn’t it okay?”

“Nothing.” The old man shook his head and smiled and said: “But now the little fry, ah, really more and more like no more, and mixed into two hundred dollars are looking down, run to see the old man in front of the stalls Deterrence. Imagine that year, hee hee…”

“When I was…right, what did you do when you were there?”

Young people have been curious for a long time and have never been given an answer. Now it’s hard to catch up with the opportunity. It’s always eager to ask questions.

The old man looked up and looked at the distance. He opened his mouth and closed it. He smiled and waved his hand and said, “I don’t mention it…it’s too shameful to say it.”

“No, ah, 200 to a few thousand, or because there are anti-bone, if you lose, you won’t be degraded.” The young man said anxiously.

With regard to many conjectures about the fate of the fate story, young people can easily drop one of them because at least he is certain that Fei Yong has not been sunk. As for the rest, what he was more willing to believe in his heart was, of course, the story of being outnumbered and defeated.

“Playing XX…” The old man suddenly got a little excited, swearing at his dirty words, and after he settled down, he took the initiative to change the subject and said: “Don’t inquire and explain to you those new iron plates. Do you remember buying it? ”

“Yeah, buy it, buy it online.” The young man replied: “It’s good to send it in two days.”

“…” The old man carried a plate of iron in one hand. The waffle was just the cold and chopsticks that had just been picked up. His hands were shaking and the dishes were banging.

He lifted another finger and pointed at the young man. The old man bit his teeth, and he did not have the nerve to say: “If you use the wind again, you, you will give me the roll.”

The young man was paralyzed and followed his eyes and he was a little excited. He was always close to the old man. Not only was he not afraid, but he chased him with a cheeky grin. “What’s going on with the wind? Isn’t it done with Wang Wei? He can now…”

“Wang Wei counts as farts.” The old man took a sip and then looked a bit shocked and slowly said: “If it wasn’t for the other bastard, now, maybe it’s not good enough.”

“There is no downwind…the other one, who?”

“…want to hear?” The old man thought for a moment and said, “Look, go and get a fish, and then move a box of wine. I’ll wash the bowl and come over to you for a while.”

At three o’clock in the morning, the open-air food stall opened only a lamp, surrounded by a dark, breezy, charcoal grill on the table, braved the heat, the glass was empty and full, full and empty…

The eyes of young people are incredible.

The old man said indifferently, “At that time, I went to the deep city… They were there…”

“what are you doing?”

“…take a lap, hand in hand, sing.”

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