Misfortune? Nanjing Night Net thought for a moment and suddenly had an idea.

When Dog Hai was looking for a weekend, Nanjing Night Net was escorting Nanjing Sauna to the factory he just bought.

The contiguous houses are old and the wires are aging… To do renovations, it’s a lot of money.

However, this money, Nanjing Night Net feels very good value.

Some workers who were suddenly dismissed were screaming because they could not be reconciled. Looking at the young face filled with the flavor of the era, although they are angry, Nanjing Night Net looks at the inner pleasure. Wrath is not a kind of dynamism.

“In this way, everyone listened to me first and said that when my factory’s preparatory work is completed, the same thing is to hire workers. I will give priority to everyone when we come. Well, go back first.”

The Nanjing Sauna talks to the workers across the iron gate.

“What about our severance pay? Give money.”

“Yes, give money, give money…”

“If you have to pay severance, then it really makes no sense to ask me.” The Nanjing Sauna calmly said with a smile: “Oh then, your old port city boss and director, they should now still live in Longhe International Hotel. Let’s go.”


“It’s not, hurry up. It’s too late to get stuck. They now have money in their hands.”

The crowd only froze, flew and turned away.

“Quick, rush.”

Against the backdrop of those mad rushes, the Nanjing Sauna took a fist and helped put oil on it. Then he turned back and stretched, easily asking: “How is the dog’s sea? How is it?”

Relatively speaking, he still feels that Nanjing Night Net has much more fun.

“There are screaming over there to make money.” Dog Hai looked at the Nanjing Sauna and turned back to Nanjing Night Network and said: “How does Che Che, how can I do this? It has been pushed several times, and then I can’t justify it.”

Other people’s MLM ways to try to make down the line to pay, Nanjing Night Network is not the same, he does not need, do not want to touch this money. However, as the dog said, the inside of the Feiyong gang silently divided its four lines in the dark: Ming Mao, Zhuge, Xie, Feiyong…

This group of gangs are now rushing to “donate” for the satellite base project, fearing that they will be left behind.

The more the Nanjing Night Net here pushes forward, the more they believe that the project is true… because if it is a liar, the money is in sight, but can it be pushed out again and again?

“Isn’t the project funds going to be full, so I want to go back and not accept us?” They actually still worry about this.

As Dog Hai said, push it again and things will not be completed.

“Take it, walk, dog sea, I’ll collect it with you.” The Nanjing sauna looked at the factory that he had just bought. He said: “What a damn thing is it?” fiscal.”

Misfortune? Nanjing Night Net thought for a moment and suddenly had an idea.

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