Nanjing night net shook his head, “is because of bad mood.”

In the office on the second floor of the IKEA headquarters, in order to avoid embarrassing or cold games, Kou is also present.

The reporter prepared the recording equipment, opened the notebook, picked up the pen and motioned:

“Then we started.”


The journalist put down the recording button. “Dr Jiang always mind to talk about yourself first? It is like this, about your opponent, Huang Huang, who is beautiful, he actually had a certain popularity before, and after this time it was a lot of people. All know his extraordinary experience, and you … 21 years old … If you do not privately check your relevant information, we know that, in fact, very few, you have always been a layer of mystery.”

Gentle and delicate opening, full of pave…

“I thought about it.”


“I don’t mind.” Nanjing Nightcome paused. “Don’t want to talk about this? You shouldn’t need it. Today we just talk about the market competition between IKEA and Gome.”

“…” Is your uncle’s chief editor?

Take a deep breath and the songwriter smiled. “Well, that’s better. It’s better than Jiang. Do you have to tell us about the ‘Deep-town Dinner’? Can you go to the party alone and turn the storm away? Because the scene feels pretty legendary. Just vaguely, many people have already been interested in it, but the specific situation has always been avoided by Huang Zong. We and the readers do not understand it.”

“It was too long in the past. I almost forgot about it,” said Nanjing Night Net. “Again, Huang Zong’s face is still worth it.”

“…” Take a deep breath and breathe deeply. The reporter wanted to throw the pen in his hand like a flying knife…

She glanced at her and looked for help.

He smiled bitterly and nodded.

“Little Che, you’re a bit awkward.”


The journalist voted for a grateful look and turned back. “So, Jiang Zong. Can you talk about this just now? Probably only.”

“Still the next question,” said Nanjing Night Net: “I must cooperate.”

The songwriter broke the jar and shattered: “Okay, how do you always think about Huang Jiang?”

“Huang is always a very good businessman and predecessor, and few people can come up with business talent. In fact, I personally always believed that he himself may be one of the most remembered names in this era…”

The reporter’s face does not move, and he sighs inside. “Oh, a bunch of polite words and nonsense.”

“But it’s a pity.” Nanjing Nightcome paused. Then he said, “I hope this will be a story of a comeback. I also believe that with Huang’s willpower and ability, he will surely stand up again.”

Ok? what is this?

In 1994, there were not many people who spoke like this. The journalist made two rounds in his mind and finally felt it – it was the smell of gunpowder.

Finally came, this was a commercial warfare. This was called an interview. She looked excited and sat upright.

“So, what do you mean by Jiang always is that Huang always loses this time?”

As a good old reporter, the response and professional characteristics of the song reporter awakened all at this moment. When she tried to provoke Nanjing Night Net, she headed for a stronger, more provocative, and more gunpowder-like direction.

Nanjing Night Network did not directly answer this sentence, but said: “He has played our IKEA for more than two months.”

“Ah, so, Jiang always feels that Huang’s approach …” Qu reporters left blank questions.

At the same time, the nib on the hand was a little impatient. She was waiting for an explosive word.

“No problem.” But Nanjing Night Net said there is no problem, and then said: “Commercial competition, as long as reasonable and legal, there is no problem, Huang always want to use capital advantages to suppress IKEA, this is his freedom and power, so as long as it is Actually, it is positive and positive, and IKEA will follow it, even if it loses, it will be convinced.”

A very beautiful paragraph, if it is an ordinary journalist, it will also record, and then change the problem … but the perspective of the song reporter.

“So, what does Jiang mean, is he warning Huang not to try to use anything?”

As for what is on the plate, black and white, honestly, everyone has a few.

“You can write like this, or be gentle. You say IKEA, I, hit today, as long as it’s real gold and silver and clean home appliances come out and give me a fight, I’m in the service. But if someone wins, Possibility, in the trend of shamelessness, to what to mess with me, remember, this is an event that has attracted widespread attention, a big event, and is a big event in a large industry, he dared to come here… I dare to fight it out , let him be destroyed.”

There are too many things that can’t be included in the word.

Did he just say mild? Which is gentle?

There are stars in the girl’s eyes.

The reporter’s writing is very excited.

“My personal feeling, Jiang always seems to be very confident?” After the record was completed, she continued to ask.

“I just said that he has been playing IKEA for more than two months. As far back as in Shenzhen, I had already said in front of many people… Since I came, if you can’t kill me, I must be careful to be killed. .”

The last sentence of Nanjing Night Net was very calm.

However, songwriters wrote texts that were not calm at all.

“So now is IKEA finally fighting back?”

“Commercial competition is reasonable and there is no stipulation that IKEA can’t fight back. I remember when you first wrote in the magazine, saying that Huang always had confidence, and eight cities with Kai, to IKEA to close the store within two months of Linzhou, and no one felt wrong. … It’s been more than two months now, and IKEA still said that he hadn’t been afraid of him because he didn’t have much money. Well, for me to speak now, it should only be reciprocal…”

The reporter’s tip was on paper and his eyes were on Nanjing Night Net’s face, urgent and earnest.

“Beginning now, as long as IKEA is still there, there is still a dime … I’m going to hit him in Linzhou. I don’t dare to open a new store in another city where IKEA is located.”

The tip of the pen rustles on the paper sheet, and the reporters are used to concise shorthand, but this time the record is complete.

Such a press release is unlikely to appear in the official media. It is too discordant, but it is simply appropriate for other popular, popular, and storytelling publications.

In an era where there is no universal network, people most of the time do not see the goals of the entrepreneurs clearly deciding between each other. This time, Huang Guangyi had already done a model before, and now IKEA Marshal did not let it.

After writing a little calm, the reporter calmed down and smiled:

“Jiang’s attitude is, I think, very clear. Please rest assured that I will pay attention to proper wording.” She said in a state of closeness to her own people: “But according to my understanding of tracking this incident, it seems that Experts and people generally believe that in fact, as long as IKEA is undefeated, it is equal to winning.”

“On the one hand, it will be difficult to see Huang Huanghe.”

“On the other hand, the momentum and potential that IKEA has demonstrated in the past two years can be seen by everyone. If we give IKEA sufficient time for development, we will fight another day… The vast majority of people are more optimistic about IKEA.”

In fact, this paragraph also involves a little, saying that IKEA leaders need to grow … but the song reporter believes that this article can now be used.

On the other side, Nanjing Night Net nodded. “I agree.”

“That is to say, in the whole process, if Gome chooses to stop the war, you and Ikea are actually acceptable?”

“Yes, really acceptable.”


“But now, we do not accept it,” said Nanjing Night Network.

“Eh?” was the same, gentle, gentle, and suddenly strong, and the reporter yelled. “Because IKEA has started to fight back, and Jiang always thinks you will win?”

Nanjing night net shook his head, “is because of bad mood.”

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