No one doubted again.

“I know these bosses. What do you say? I don’t know whether you can understand comrades.”

Sitting in front of the Hope Project Shenzhen office staff, Nanjing Night Net smiled crampedly.

“You talk about it first.”

Nanjing Night Nodding nodded and explained: “First of all, they themselves are suffering and they are really interested in doing charity and want to help the children. However, it is very contradictory. Do you know? On the one hand, do not want to look too high, Fear of others saying that they show up, take public interest in their reputations, and they are afraid of being watched by people; on the other hand, if you don’t know how to do good things if you don’t name them, you’ll feel a bit of a loss. …”

Hearing this, the staff sitting across the street smiled mildly and said: “We understand that this kind of situation that you are saying is the most common kind of mentality. Given the large amount of your donations, what are the needs? We can cooperate as much as possible.”

“Thank you, thank you, Comrade.”

Nanjing Night Net finished with a piece of paper on the table.

Workers took a look and said: “To be certified, right?”

“Yes, but you see, comrades, can you use this number on the basis of the original, add these numbers, and then add the words ‘hope, future, desert to oasis’.”

The staff thought and thought that these things were completely free of problems, they were in line with the theme, and they simply agreed. “OK, let’s get it out today.”

“Thank you.” Nanjing Nightsnet got up and said: “Then when it is too late, give the bosses certificates and leave a shadow in the window.”

“Okay, you are very kind. I thank you for the children.” The staff got up and sent Nanjing Night.

Here, Nanjing Night Net just left and made a phone call.

On the other side, Dog Hai gave a serious gesture to the national staff to get off and told Mao Mao and others.

“Those who collect money at a level above and outside, honestly say that there are suspicions of fraud… This is a national project. I hope that you can understand that we cannot handle these funds. We do not have such power. To pay the money, it must be given directly to the country. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes, but then, how do we pay?”

“The country naturally has special channels for everyone.” The sea of ​​dogs gathers in their ears and simply explains the window of payment, the procedures, and the proof they can get.

A silent sound of exclamation, this channel is really cleverly set up, which neither wastes manpower or material resources, but also ensures the privacy of the project.

The simple distinction on the certificate, the concept is completely different.

Since money is handed directly to the national opportunity, there is a certificate and you need to take pictures to keep the files…

No one doubted again.

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