Tan Chong-yi’s speech is silent, and Wang Ruo-xu blinks, not knowing what to think.

Yingtan is a small city with a population of more than one million. The economy is not very high. There are only two districts and one county plus one county-level city. However, with the Longhu Mountain, it has become a well-known tourist city in the country.

Longhu Mountain is 20 kilometers south of the city. It counts from the formal settlement of the fourth generation of Sun Zhangsheng in Zhang Daoling. It has been inherited from the 65th generation to the present, and it has gone through more than two thousand years.

Although it is not the leader of the world, it is not the same as Quanzhen, but it has received numerous rewards throughout the dynasties. In its heyday, there were more than ten road palaces, eighty-one Taoist temples, fifties Daoyuan, and ten highways. It was like a small kingdom and was known as Dadu.

However, Sang Hai Chang Chang, most of the Guan Gong has long been dethroned, and more well-preserved, only Tianshi House.

There are actually two holy sites on Longhu Mountain, Shangqing Palace on the hill, and Tianshi House on the hill. Shangqing Palace is a regular school and can host some large-scale legal meetings and activities. Tianshi Mansion is only a part of Tianshi Road and it is a place where people can live and take care of themselves.

In the morning, the station.

Ten hours later, Lawrence Chong did not feel tired. He did not come here for the first time, but after many years, watching the changes in the city, high-rise buildings, can not help but feel angry.

The style of painting here is very different. The citizen’s acceptance of the family is very high and there is no fuss. At a place in front of the station, several priests are waiting.

One of them was wearing glasses. The middle-aged priest who was looking at Sven came to the party and took one of the first rites. He asked, “But what is it like?”

“It is.”

“The younger generation is Hao Hongqing, the official adviser of Tianshi. We have prepared a car. Please wait on the train.” The other party introduced himself.

All priests have the name of Dao, which is the name given to the disciple by Master according to the lineage inheritance. Generally retain the original surname, the middle of the word, must be inherited words.

This Hao Hongqing is naturally a disciple of the Hong generation.

“You are still waiting for someone else?”

Tan Chongzhen followed him to the other side and asked him casually.

“There is also a practice of Wang Lao of the Xihe faction, which is similar to your arrival time,” explained the other person.

“Oh, it turned out to be the king.”

Tan Chongyi nodded and took the car himself. This car is an ordinary commercial vehicle, seven-seater, and very spacious. He waited for a moment, then saw the door open, and a fat priest who rolled round his belly was found.

As early as possible, he was recruited by the Special Bureau. This time, he followed the scene. It was nothing more than a scene dip and a look at the attitudes of various schools and schools. So when he saw Tan Chong-fu, he deliberately tried to get close and smiled. “Oh, you know, you know, old Buddhist name, I’m glad to meet you!”

“It’s polite. I’m the eponymous name.”

The old master smiled and arched his hand. This is true, and Wang Feizi gave people a glimpse of feng shui in Quzhou. When the fat man got on the bus, he lay beside him. He also brought two disciples and naturally flashed back in the back row.

And he whispered that the other person was alone and wanted to ask: “You haven’t brought a disciple when you were old.”

“I’m the only one who has fallen away. There is only one old man left.” Tan Chonghao shook his head.

“You don’t be pessimistic. It’s nothing. It will certainly come in the future.”

“Oh, lend you good words.”

As he spoke, he heard a groan outside. The couple opened the window and saw six or seven priests rushing in from the station. There was one in the middle. This person also knows, Xishan Wanshou Palace host, Zhang Miaoxian.

This person’s history is rather hard, he was a direct descendant of the Tianshifu, the result was internal dumping, the top and the wrong team, was beaten to host the Longevity Palace. The Longevity Palace is the ancestral home of the Jing Ming faction. The Net Ming faction is the right branch. This is even exile.

The current Zhang Tianshi, called Zhang Jintong, is the grandson of the last generation of the Heavenly Master. His surname was not Zhang, but later changed.

It should be noted that the inheritance of Tianshifu has always been the family and the family, and Zhang Jintong belongs to the foreigner. He can take over the division of Tianshi. It also shows the government’s control of the Daomen and its existence as a crusher.

Of course, Zhang Miaoxian’s strength is not to be underestimated. He once served as deputy chairman of the Taoist Association and has a very wide network of contacts.

When he comes over, the momentum is pressing and Hao Hongqing is paralyzed in his heart, but he has to be well received. He took a car alone, a disciple and a car. The two cars started off in advance and went away.


Tan Chong-yi’s speech is silent, and Wang Ruo-xu blinks, not knowing what to think.

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