The old man looked at him and said slowly: “I donated… I said that I donated hope project. I believe you?”

A fat old man who had been serving food stalls for several years in a remote alley in a small county drank a drink. He said that when he was awkward, he once drove the unobstructed Wang Wei to a point where there was no way to go.

The young man across the table looked up at the sky in the distance. He felt that something was too unbelievable…

Did you have many such stories in that era?

But think about it, he felt that this should not be bragging. Because a bragging person does not tell the stories behind.

Young people have heard many stories about the era of “underworld” in that era. For example, who and who later died in a famous clash, a bunch of people were scattered, who was replaced by others, who was disabled and who was caught. Did you go to Guan, eat peanuts, or haven’t come out yet…

In the stories about the ending of the “black gang”, there was never a story, a community, it was like this – that is, suddenly one day, you had a brother who had scolded you with a knife and wanted to be with you, love each other, and love them. They Become active and inspirational, full of ideals and goals, they also want to pull you, you do not let pull will not work.

“So to say, the youngest of the three bamboos, and the two quails, they are actually not twenty-five?”

Young people helped old people who were already intoxicated.

“It depends on how it works. I later thought that they were for some time. But then, isn’t it that all my brothers are twenty-five?” The old man seemed to ask, asking himself, saying: “And my daughter, There was a woman of my time.”

“I said that they are really good-hearted and kind, except for a few hearts. You don’t want to laugh.” The old man grinned at his mouth and shook his head to laugh first.

“That is to say, you’re really so fast, you’re the youngest and the bald they’re talking about?”

“I… I can’t just do that, I’m still a bit of a fix.” The old man looked at him and said, “But I couldn’t stand them and then pulled my woman and my daughter into the water. It’s the softest man’s ears that are the easiest. No matter if you are evil or evil, white or black, you will know later.”


“and also……”


“It’s useless.” The old man ordered a five-dollar cigarette. He took a sip and spit on the side of the fog. He said, “If you don’t get back, I just thought I’d be hard pressed down when I arrived. No matter what, To find Wang Wei’s talents, he took them out and thought maybe we could all recover. But when I stood up and looked at bamboo, I wasn’t allowed to talk about the satellite base…though not People stood directly opposite me, but where their eyes were, I could see clearly. At that time, I knew that people were distracted…”

“That’s your friend?”

“I just thought, let them finish first, I listen, then find the loopholes and convince them…”

“The result…” The young man asked to ask, saying half the result, shut up, and said: “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

As a result of what kind of results, in fact, it is already obvious.

“What is it like, when ancient times when thieves should be swift, they actually look forward to the recruitment of amnesty, the wealthy and powerful Hu Wei to the end, but also want to donate a bureaucrat to do … … I am also a poor opinion, not shameful, not shameful .”

The old man excuse himself for a sentence, then tell that story, what happened in those days.

The young man listened, suddenly patted the table, “MLM, Yongbo, this is MLM … You can tell him, ah, alarm. Barefooted, afraid to wear shoes, to accuse them of … At least get a Money.”

The old man’s eyes looked at him lightly. “At that time, this is not yet a crime. And even if it breaks the law, stigmatizes the people, the money is not confiscated, the two did not sell products, and the three did not cheat outsiders. What do I tell you? In fact, this is an intrigue in the rivers and lakes, but people can only play it.”

He paused, and he said: “Is it easy to understand? In the rivers and lakes of the year, there were still real people … my mother, my brothers more than 200.”

He finished filling himself with a glass of wine and slammed into a cough.

“No money, no products…” The young man bowed himself for a moment, and seemed to be unable to figure it out. Carefully asked, “Since I haven’t collected the money, you’re the hero… You’re not very rich in that year. How come later? Now… your money…”

He looked up and glanced at the food stall that had been around for several years.

The old man looked at him and said slowly: “I donated… I said that I donated hope project. I believe you?”

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