The young man tried to hold back, and the drink splashed from the closed lips.

“Our certificate is a serial number 4. I have fewer lines, but I pay the most money once. I still remember that I was already over 43,000 at the time. That’s it. I got the code, paid the money, got the certificate, I also took a picture.”

The old man stared at the young man in front of him and threatened to say, “If you dare to laugh, you will give me a roll.”

The young man tried to hold back, and the drink splashed from the closed lips.

“Now I look back, probably this is also a virtue, it’s a disaster, or else I’m not sure that I’m done now.” The old man froze and laughed and said, “So, ah, you imagined a sword, no, not at all. ,Now you know?”


Finally, the young man did not hold back and sprayed a table of drinks.

The old man looked at him with a helpless smile, and said he couldn’t really give it away.

“and after?”

“What happened afterwards, four people, first rushed and then went to the northwest, and then it took a long time, grinding and grinding gradually scattered. Wait until some of us, like me, think that things are false, want to go Looking for someone… The result is already a full-fledged Wang Wei waiting for us. What can we do?”

“What about those brethren?”

“They… some stayed there, some went back to work, and Wang Wei worked as a courier. Some came back and went out and mixed. Later, they disappeared, and some did not know where to go. what……”

The old man seemed to be drunk, squatted on the table, and began to wander.

“What about your wife?”

“Wife? Oh, you said Lulu, she’s gone. People are following me. I’m desolate. She’s gone… more than usual.” The old man said lightly.

“What about your daughter, Qing Qing?”

“She…” was finally interesting and sad. The old man said, “She was run away.”

“Well, won’t she come back to see you?”

“Come on, come once a year, but I won’t see you.”

“Oh. Why? You don’t want her?”

The old man raised his head and looked empty for a moment.

“Who said I didn’t want her.”

He got up in a messy way, went to the small room, took out a stack of newspapers and threw it on the table.

The young man took it with a puzzle and glanced at it…

The headline, “Touching China’s People of the Year, Desert Guards… More than a decade of planting trees and reclaiming deserts and changing oasis”.

Under the headline of the article there is a large photo. A group of people bowed their heads and wore straw hats and stood in front of a dense and neat forest. In the distant place behind them, there were yellow sand and rolling sand dunes…

“This is green, she is strong.” The old man pointed him and said: “This bald, Hong Kong Aberdeen … This is Hong Kong Aberdeen. This is the third oldest bamboo … His wife and children later passed.”


“Deadly, these are the rest of those who don’t look back and believe in the satellite base project.” The old man said helplessly: “The Taklama can’t go in. They don’t have a fly and they begin to build a forest from outside. With the creation, the reporter went to report that the government state gave subsidies, gave great honor, and people donated to them every year. Until now, I don’t know if they still believe it or they’re stuck.

“Oh, but how do I feel like it’s their success?”

The young man pressed the newspaper on the table while he was talking. His eyes were full of envy.

The old man froze and for a moment he did not speak.

“Is it?”



“Oh, Choo, would you like to go and see it? I will accompany you.”

The old man did not speak, did not promise, did not refuse.

The young people waited for a while before they had to change the subject and think about it slowly. The other day, I would like to ask something. You said that this is not what Wang Wei did. It is another person. Who is it? Ah? Have you seen him?”

“No… there are also.” The old man thought for a moment and looked up and said: “Finally, I brought three or five people back to the deep city and wanted to find Wang Wei’s trouble. She was encircled. Did not come out … he sat in the car and said something, let them go.”

“Didn’t see?”

“…That’s right, I didn’t see it.”

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