Angry words make her angry to leave, so as to save every time we see us nagging… ” Li Shenyao opened his mouth.

Li Tianya grinned and laughed.

“Well, the number of things you take is the most, and I’ll get less trouble later. Uncle Li is very worried about his troubles.” After Li Tianya opened it.

With one hand grasping, a thunder Rune appeared in the void, and a terrible breath began to rise.

“Thunder out!”

When Li Tianya opened his mouth, the temple of the thunder began to vibrate. At the next moment, ten frightening and supreme breath rose to crush the pressure.

“Good class!” Li Tian Mo smiled and looked at the palace of the ten great gods.

A moment later, a thunder charm flew out of Li Tianya’s head, and the magic character flew into the body of Li Tianya.

Li Tianmo laughed, and after the magic word had flown out again, he grabbed it with a big hand, grabbed the charm and swallowed it.

Where the divine character is willing to be engulfed by non Raytheon practitioners, it begins to destroy all the chaotic gods.

“Affectation, I wish to take the body town thunder, Sue should be picky! Body chaos! ” After Li Tianmo opened his mouth, he came out of a mysterious light of creation, and kept the divine character. Within this hundred million seconds, the body of Li Tian’s magic body began to be illusory, chaotic and completely wrapped.

Raytheon hall was unwilling to start shaking again, and gradually began to calm down.

This scene, even if the dust was never seen by the fairies, could only feel a little strange.Li Tianya looked relaxed and smiled at Li Tianmo. He took Sima’s face directly, and the two men disappeared away.

From today, I am free at last!

Looking at the departed Li Tianya, Li Xianyao’s vision is more strange. After she pondered, she pulled Li Shen Yao away.

“Ha ha, daughter, later remember to help me introduce a few fairies and saints…” The sound of Li Tian demon’s wild voice came…

The four sword of the main body 0344:

Time lapse!

Raytheon got married. Lei Shen temple was born. Lei Shen is the twenty-four recruit genius.

This is the past for Li Tianya and Sima’s two faces. The fastest update of 23S.

Li Tianmo did not make any sense in how to act, because Li Tianya and Sima were two people directly onto the sky road.

Tian Lu, also known as the imperial Road, is also a fairy road.

There are countless talents competing for it. Cruel and heartless, Li Tianya and Sima are two people practicing and traveling all the way. The two men hide their whereabouts, and they are unknown to them, and come to the bitter sea of heaven.

People call it the other side of the island, and it is said that there are gods in the dwelling, and are recorded in some ancient races.

In fact, Li Tianya and Sima, two people, have met a lot of people, because they are the same people who have the information sources and analytical abilities that others can’t imagine.

The heaven’s treasure of this world is bound to be inextricably linked to the supreme one, and the four sword is absolutely not simple….

The sea of endless bitterness.

Ye Fan, Pang Bo, and dragon horse are standing on the bloody deck