The ancient Yunmengze may be very deep, and the modern Dongting Lake is definitely not deep.


The West Dongting Lake has an area of ​​345 square kilometers and a depth of 35-36 meters. The south Dongting Lake has an area of ​​917 square kilometers and a depth of 34-35 meters. The East Dongting Lake covers an area of ​​1478 square kilometers and a depth of 33-34 meters.

The entire Dongting water system, including many rivers and tributaries, has an average depth of 6-7 meters. Even if the heavy rains continue today and the water level rises, it hasn’t reached the point where it can’t be measured.

The problem is that the waters are too wide. It is unrealistic for a litter to lurk in the bottom of the lake and rely on 14 people to find it.

Now that the time is tight, if you delay one minute, you will lose several square meters of land. Therefore, after receiving the request, Tanzhou immediately dispatched manpower to shuttle through the rain, from rainless areas to low-lying areas, to heavy rain areas, to trucks and jeep, and raced against the clock for the second.



In Lancang, the river flooded the city and the city has become history. The technicians went to the periphery and set down the boat to take out a piece of detection equipment.

Previous explorations have been relatively static. It seems that now, when it rains, it rises, adding a lot of difficulties.

“Report to each group!”

“Arrived at a designated location!”



“Hey! Hey!”

Dozens of torpedo-like detectors slammed into the bottom of the water and swayed toward the distance.

There is nothing technically difficult to do with traditional sonar. The acoustic signal is transmitted in the water, and the targets such as submarines, mines, and fish are re-entered. The distance can be determined according to the round-trip time, and the nature can be judged according to the level of the tone.

In the command car at the water’s edge, several people wore headphones and looked at the monitor, monitoring the situation at all times.

“not found!”

“Not here either!”

“There is a condition here!”

“Empty air…hey…”

The man carefully recognises that the echo is low and chaotic. This is a reaction to a fish school. But they dare not care, if it is what it is.

“Coordinates to the southeast, about five kilometers.”

“Look at the past!”

When the order was issued, the boat immediately drove past, dropped the visual detector again, and afterwards, it was really a fish! All of a sudden, the people were fortunate and lost, and they fell in mood.

“not found!”

“not found!”

When the first round of exploration was completed, the district official told us: “You keep here, every once in a while, those worms are running everywhere, pay attention to safety!”


The heavy rain poured down and shouted at close range. The person in charge wore a raincoat, left the train, and went to the other team to inspect.

In this way, tens of thousands of people, nearly a hundred teams have been fully rolled out and guarded at every small tributary. From the beginning of the rain to the present, two days have passed. In a short period of time, the lake has soared to an unimaginable level.

Everyone in his heart is like a huge stone, heavy breathless breath.

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