At the door, it is not appropriate to pretend to be honest and upright.

“It’s not appropriate to be with others, but you don’t seem to be interested in women. I’m not worried.” “The door is closed,” Murong said with a smile.

Ye Donglai was amused by her, closing the door, and saying, “why, like a girl like you, do you think a man is not interested in you?”

In this case, there was some ridicule of Murong’s narcissism.

But she did not take it for granted, and, of course, said, “how can I be a charming woman? Don’t take me as a woman, right? Say, have you just been dumped by a woman? Otherwise, it shouldn’t be… ”

“Well, dump? That’s right. ” Ye Donglai goes with his mouth.

“Sure, it must have been hurt by a woman.” Murong sighed a little, and said, “well, there is no more wife than a good man.”

“Like you?” Ye Donglai can’t help smiling.

I have to say that Murong’s character is very pleasant. It will be much better to stay with this kind of person. This day, he and Murong Xiaoyue get along, indeed some of the shadow of Lin Qiu forgot a lot.

Murong is not modest. He is tall and upright. “I sure am!” In the North Ling state, there are no one hundred and fifty people who come to my family to propose a marriage.

Ye Donglai did not suspect this kind of speech, but he suddenly found that Murong’s face was not quite right, and there were some strange red feelings. Even a bit of red in the ear.”What’s the matter with you?” The face is not very good… ” Ye Donglai doubting.

“Ah? It’s nothing… It’s a little hot. ” Murong grabbed several spots on his body, but found it getting more and more itching and getting more and more hot. It seems that the blood in the body is burned, and the mood is also inexplicable restlessness.

Ye Donglai’s face became rather weird. In his view, the young girl in front of him was as tempting as the mature and lovely, and the change of spirit and temperament made her every move a little more.

Murong swallowed his saliva, and his eyes became somewhat dazed: “just drinking water, so thirsty……”

As she spoke, she felt more and more uncomfortable, especially when she saw her arrival. It seems that there is a primitive instinct that is being aroused.

“Did you eat anything?” Ye Donglai saw that it was not a normal reaction.

“Eat something?” I didn’t eat anything. ” Murong said intermittently, and at the same time he couldn’t help coming closer to Ye Dong.


At that moment, the sound of the door broke.

Tian Hao, Li Dazhuang and Lu Wenqiang kick the door.

Twentieth chapters and 20. cold water

Tian Hao, Li Dazhuang and Lu Wengang just went to Murong’s room to find someone. They found that the man was not there, and they were scared to death.

“You… What does it mean? ” Ye Donglai’s brow, the way.

The three did not pay any attention to leaf East.Eyes flicked falls on the face of Murong on the red moon.

They are covered in dark cold sweat, did not even dare to imagine, if you come late, and I will