reman looked up and down Jennifer Lawrence, his heart shook his head, looks good, but not cool enough, a little baby fat face with a sense of joy, not fresh, no literary atmosphere, does not meet Isabella Swan’s setting. “Oh, you can try it, maybe you can become.” Nanjing sauna said with a smile, did not say anything inappropriate, but encouraged, of course, he will not cross-intervention work. “Well, I will succeed, thank you, boss.” Jennifer smiled full of energy. Sending her away, Rob asked the Nanjing sauna: “Need me…” “No, she has too many naive illusions about the entertainment circle, let her touch the wall several times, which is good for her. How to proceed, how to proceed.” Lily Collins and Kate’s meeting was very happy. Lily and Nanjing Sailing were very happy. Kate was also a refreshing personality. When they chatted, they were not nervous. The two learned that they would be arranged into the Gossip. “The Plan” is very happy to play important roles. They didn’t expect that they would be able to participate in the filming of the company’s film just after signing the contract. After the happy excitement, the Nanjing sauna can be settled by the women of the brokerage company. . “Well, the rest of the things will be handed over to you. Next, I will prepare for the Games. I will fly to Brazil on the 10th. I will call you to contact me and do a briefing.” After the appointment, Nanjing Sauna and Nanjing Night net, Rob Flemman parted ways, returned to his home, through the window to see the paparazzi outside, very helpless, these bastards and dog skin plaster in general, can not afford to lose, even if Kenny used red light several times Tracking has not been completely smashed, where can go to the shadows after the rendezvous! ———— The 564th chapter is full of gunpowder Because of the perseverance of the paparazzi, the Nanjing sauna did not dare to run to the emperor, especially today, just recently met to hold a press conference, it is inevitable that some paparazzi will not be smart and look fo